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Through your financial contribution, children and adults in our distribution centers receive:


A pair of shoes and clothing


Educational support and school supplies and uniforms.


Medical care and nutritional support


Vocational Training & Development Programs


Disaster Relief: We provide shoes, supplies and clothing to people impacted by hurricanes, fires, floods, other natural disasters


Jobs and self-sustainable development: Shoes can create jobs too! Our immediate short-term goal is to create shoe factories in under-developed communities in Guinea-Bissau (Africa), and in Southern Brazil (South America)


The love of a local church and the good news of the Gospel!

Here is how it works:

If you would like to bless our foundation with your donation, please click the donate button below. You will be directed to a secured payment portal.


We are thankful that you have desired to contribute to our foundation.

If you desire to make a recurring donation, you may do so within the portal as well.

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Boat Fundraiser
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Through a local organization working in the Guinea-Bissau area for over 16 years, Shoes for the World Foundation has been a partner for local initiatives taking place in the capital and in 6 remote islands off the coast of the country. These initiatives include supporting over 1500 students in CEPEM’s 15 established schools, helping locals work educational and health matters, and helping to run 14 churches.


Much-needed food, building, medical, and education supplies are brought to these islands from the capital with a very old and dangerous wood boat, that has already reached its maximum life cycle! Bricks, water, and building materials are brought by boat in order to build local churches, medical clinics, and schools. Sick people from the islands are brought to the capital by boat for health emergencies and other reasons. Most of the inhabitants of these islands have never left the island, but mostly all have directly benefited from the supplies brought by this boat. At least 25,000 people inhabit in these islands and are the beneficiaries of these projects.


Several times, this boat was lost at sea, overflown by water, and it was capsized several times with people and supplies inside! A new fast-boat would mean so much to the local volunteers, inhabitants, and workers. It would also be more fuel-efficient, help the project cut costs, and direct funds elsewhere...


This campaign’s aim is to raise $40,000 to purchase a fast boat from Senegal and bring to Guinea-Bissau to be used going forward, prior to the current wood boat being no longer usable.

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